This site is about accordion music and accordion playing.


Here are some of the songs which give me great pleasure to play. Go ahead and click on the name of the song and I’ll play the song just for you. Thanks for visiting -- Enjoy

Orange Blossom Special

This is a classic country tune usually played on the fiddle. I found that it’s also very good played on the accordion. I ‘m playing it in the key of ”C” but it modulates to the key of ”F” in the bridge.

The Locomotion

This is for everyone that thinks that the accordion is mainly a polka instrument. Who Knew? LOL

An American Trilogy

I’m sure that this will be very familiar to you. It is indeed an honor and a privilege for me to play it for you here. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this rendition.

Return To Me

Originally recorded by Dean Martin; this is one of my all time favorite song

Because He Lives

This is a truly wonderful Gospel tune

Under Paris Skies

This is the ultimate accordion song. Close your eyes and come with me to visit a Parisien Cafe.

Family Tradition

This is for all my friends in Bradenton Fl that I have the pleasure of jamming with. I really miss you guys in the off season.

I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time

This is a wonderful old time romantic waltz particularly suited to the accordion. I would like to thank my brother John for the great guitar back up

Al Di La

This is a marvelous romantic accordion tune that has been around for a very long time.


My friend Roger and I discovered we each knew this song. What a pleasant surprise!

How Great Thou Art

This is my favorite inspirational gospel tune. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing it.

The Rose Of San Antone

This is a country classic originally recorded on the accordion by Pee Wee King. I hope you enjoy this remake

Where Is Your Heart (The Theme From Moulin Rouge)

When you think of French accordion music, this song definitely comes to mind

Spanish Eyes

Spanish eyes is an old standard. Here my brother John & I are playing it in the key of “G” – There is a C minor off chord. See if you can play along with us.

Quand En Est En Amour

This French chanson is wonderfully romantic and is particularly suited to the accordion. Pour a glass of wine and give a listen. I hope you enjoy it

O Sole Mio

You may also recognize this song as ”It’s Now Or Never” recorded by Elvis Presley. It’s a perfect accordion tune featuring 3 basic chords. I’m playing it in the key of ”C” with an F minor thrown in for good measure.

Folsom Prison Blues

This is a terrific country song ideally suited for a jam session. It’s a 3 chord song played here in the key of ”C” such that the other 2 chords are ”F” and ”G7″. The chord changes are obvious. This same chord progression is used for thousands of songs.

Un Bacio D’Amore

This is an old Italian waltz which was one of my mother’s favorites and my brother John and I would play it for her. Here, it is our pleasure to play it just for you. Thanks for listening.


This is just a wonderful song for an accordion ensemble. Have a listen and see what I mean.

True Love Ways

This is a beautiful love song written by Buddy Holly. You wouldn’t think it would be suited to the accordion, but I’m pretty happy with the end result

Life In The Finland Woods

This is an old country waltz which has been around for a lot of years. I play it in the key of ”D”. The other 2 chords are ”G” and ”A” or ”A7″

Che La Luna

This is an Italian Tarantella. The lyrics are pretty interesting. If you check out Lou Monte’s version he talks about ”Lazy Mary you’d better get up. We Need the sheets for the table”. It helps if you have some Italian in you.