This site is about accordion music and accordion playing.


“ACCORDIOKE” - Is simply playing the accordion along with a pre-recorded song.

We all have access to thousands of songs in Mp3 format. Pick some of your favourites and play along. Not only will you experience a great sense of enjoyment but in many cases you will find that your playing may actually add to the song you are playing along with.

Some Tips

Probably the easiest way to do this is to listen to the pre recorded song using ear buds.

Should you wish to entertain others you can either play through a bluetooth speaker or further you may wish to utilize a bluetooth adapter and play through an amplifier.

To effectively play along, become proficient in being able to play chords using your right hand.

To find the chords to any given song, there are many sites. The one I seem to keep turning to is “Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Chords” It’s usually helpful if you type in the name of the tune you are looking for and the artist that does it. In most cases it will come up in the same key that corresponds with your Mp3.

SERIOUSLY If you’ve reached a point in your playing where you keep doing the same thing over and over give this a try. Here is an example of what I mean. Here I’m playing along with the Texas Tornados playing “Hey Baby Que Paso”. It’s in the key of “D” and there’s just 3 chords D, G and A.

Give ACCORDIOKE a try! You can always reach out to me for any help, or just drop me a line to tell me about your experience,

Have a Wonderful Day Anthony