This site is about accordion music and accordion playing.

About Me

My name is Anthony Smrke and I’m an accordion player. Actually I’ve been playing for over 50 years – a really long time. My mother was a typical Italian mother, my father was Slovenian; and I was the first born male in our family, therefore when I was very young it was decreed that I learn how to play the accordion; and so I was made to take lessons. Being an active 8 year old who was required to learn a musical instrument that I really did not wish to play caused a great deal of stress and consternation ; but I hung in there and for 10 years I attended those resented lessons, learned my theory and took part in musical festivals.

It was when I stopped taking lessons that I really began to enjoy the instrument; and through the years along with the expertise and skill I was acquiring, I developed a true passion for the instrument, the music which it generates and the joy that it brings to its listeners. These days throughout the winter months I can be found in Florida, entertaining and participating in jam sessions at various mobile home parks. In summer months I am more than content to play on my back deck and to play the occasional gig with local musicians.It’s turned out that I have become an accomplished versatile accordion player,quite familiar with all genres of music. From Mustang Sally to Al Di La, The Beer Barrel Polka to Woolly Bully, The Ashokan Farewell and Your Cheatin Heart. The music of Italy, The Music of Paris, Country, Gospel or Oldies. It’s all very entertaining and some of it quite untraditionnal for the accordion. If you want to dance, sing along or just plain be entertained , it’s there.

Hopefully you will find the tips and tutorials offered here useful and further it is my hope that you enjoy my renditions of some of my favorite tunes; and if you feel that you would benefit from a private lesson or two via skype – that can be arranged as well. As we all can appreciate our time on this earth is precious and I would like to thank you for spending your time with me.