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Orange Blossom Special

This is a country classic usually played on the fiddle, but the song is also well suited to the accordion. Here it’s played in the key of ”C” modulating to the key of ”F” at the bridge.

Backing Tracks

This video should be of interest to any accordion players looking to try something new or interested in adding a new dimension to their playing.

Family Tradition

This is for all my friends in Bradenton Fl, that I have the pleasure of jamming with. I really miss you guys in the off season

The Locomotion

This is for everyone that thinks the accordion is mainly for polkas. Who would have thought ? Go figure.

Thanks for watching

Because He Lives

This is a beautiful Gospel tune. It is indeed a pleasure to be able to play this and have it on here.

Ashokan Farewell

“Ashokan Farewell“ /əˈʃoʊ.kænˌ/ is a piece of music composed by American folk musician Jay Ungar in 1982. For many years it served as a goodnight or farewell waltz at the annual Ashokan Fiddle & Dance Camps run by Ungar and his wife Molly Mason, who gave the tune its name, at the Ashokan Field Campus of SUNY New Paltz (now the Ashokan Center) in Upstate New York.

The tune was used as the title theme of the 1990 PBS television miniseries The Civil War, and appeared on the 1991 compilation album Songs of the Civil War.