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Playing With Back Tracks Tutorial

Playing with backing tracks has become a very rewarding experience for me and I've reached the point where it's the only way I wish to play. If I'm playing Brooks and Dunn Boot Scootin Boogie it's me playing in front of the Brooks & Dunn back up. If I'm playing “Sweet Caroline” it's me playing in front of the Neil Diamond Back up. Using these back tracks really set me apart from other accordion players that don't use them.

If you play at an intermediate level and can read music found in fake books then perhaps the next logical step might be to try playing using back tracks.

The equipment required is a tablet or phone where you would download the mp3 back track itself. Then you would want to play the back track through an amplifier. In order to do this you need a bluetooth adapter which you can get at for about $10.00 and you would also need an adapter to enable you to plug the bluetooth adapter into your amplifier. This can be found at any music store at a cost of about $5.00.

Once you have the mp3 backtrack coming through your amplifier you need the corresponding sheet music to correspond to the back track. The cost to you is $5.00 per song which includes the mp3 of the song you desire along with the corresponding sheet music. Further should you require any help or guidance feel free to send me an e mail. I will look forward to working with you. Have a great day.

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