This site is about accordion music and accordion playing.

Finding Music To Play

Finding music to play (fake books, guitar chords & tabs, you tube, buy sheet music)

There are several resources that we as accordionists can use to find the music that we wish to play. The obvious one is to buy traditional type accordion sheet music; but this can be quite limited with respect to song choice. Piano sheet music with the guitar chords written above the melody line is a better choice; but probably the most bang for the buck if you are buying books or sheet music is found in “Fake Books”. These are books which feature a simple melody line along with the lyrics and guitar chords. Often you can find a “Fake “ book which feature up to 1000 songs for about $35.00. If you are using these fake books you will quickly realize the importance of being able to play chords using your right hand.

Beyond that if you have a particular song in mind there are numerous web sites which will provide you with the guitar chords and lyrics for that piece of music and then it’s quite simple to go to you tube and view what other artists are doing with the song and this ought to provide you with some insight as to what to do with the melody.

Often times used book dealers at flea markets will have “song books” available and usually these can be purchased amazingly inexpensively.

Failing all of that if you can find another accordion player who plays the particular song you want to learn, simply ask him to teach you how to play it – Take A lesson or two.

If you wish to play a particular song ,the music or method will be available to you. It’s simply a matter of finding it. If you’re really having difficulty drop me a line Maybe I can help. That’s it for now. Happy Hunting.