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Fake Book Arrangements

If you are not using fakeBook arrangements, you definitely want to consider doing so. A FakeBook arrangement provides you with a simple melody (for your right hand), along with the corresponding chords. (There is no bass line written). Here is a link to a treasure trove of free sheet music written in FakeBook format.

If you play a FakeBook arrangement, due to the simplicity of the melody line; it provides you with an opportunity to incorporate, chords with their inversions, arpeggios, scales and your own dynamics, in ways that you could not otherwise do if you are learning to play the same song from a complex arrangement, where the melody, harmony, ornaments,bass line, and dynamics are all meticulously spelled out. If you play from this type of arrangement you are learning to “ Play a song” on the accordion, but you are not really learning to fully play the accordion very effectively. You could say that your creativity is being stifled. The end result might be a great technoglitz performance, but after awhile it can wear pretty thin in terms of audience attention and your own level of self satisfaction

Once you have played FakeBook arrangements adding your own embellishments to the simple melodies and chords offered, you will reach a point where if you wish to play a particular song , you will NOT HAVE TO LEARN IT but you will actually BE ABLE TO PLAY IT almost immediately like you've been playing it for many years.

You will teach yourself how to actually play the accordion rather than just play specific songs on it

I hope this information is of some use to you.

Humbly Yours Anthony.