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Acoustic Accordion and Backing Tracks - What You Will Need

If you happen to play an acoustic accordion like me, and want to take advantage of playing using backing tracks, you will definitely need a few things.

A TABLET OR CELL PHONE The backing tracks are downloaded in an mp3 format therefore you will need a Tablet or computer to where the backing tracks will be downloaded. A tablet works best. If need be, you could also download these mp3's to your cell phone .

A TABLET HOLDER - Once you have the mp3's downloaded to your tablet you will want to have a TABLET HOLDER which will clamp to your music stand which will make it quite convenient to access your mp3 backing tracks for playing purposes. Amazon sells these for $14.99.

The backing tracks which you use; need to be loud enough for you to hear as you are playing, and more importantly for your audience to hear. An AMPLIFIER will work best for this. You can go on Craigslist an for under $100 you will be able to find something that will be suitable.

BLUETOOTH ADAPTER. You need to be able to transmit the backtrack to the amplifier from your tablet. This is done by means of a BLUETOOTH ADAPTER. Amazon offers an excellent one for $29.99

INPUT ADAPTER – If your amplifier only accomodates a standard guitar ¼ inch input jack, then you will need to get an adapter which will convert 3.5 mm (stereo input) to ¼ inch input. These too can be found at Amazon for $7.99

So as you can see if you already have an amplifier or suitable speaker which can play loudly enough,, then for around $50.00 you can play your acoustic accordion using professional sounding backing tracks

Finally if you really want to look cool doing all this, you need to have an accordion T Shirt. Once again these can be found at Amazon for around $25.00

I hope this is of some use to you.

Happy Playing